' Team - Hannah-Nicole Vineyards


We are fortunate to have a committed and strong crew that is genuinely interested in putting Contra Costa back on the map for interesting and intriguing wines.

Vineyard Manager  Gabriel Morales   
Gabriel can ride two tractors at the same time while fixing irrigation and watching the stars for rain. He is a very capable and strong farmer that keeps our vineyards alive and happy with a great focus for the small things that make quality stand out.

Cellar Master  Otoniel Luna   
After gaining experience in the vineyard Otoniel’s interest in equipment and the delicacy of winemaking brought him into the winery where he has established himself as the Engineer, Inventor and fast paced organizer that keeps the winemaking process running well. 

Assistant Winemaker  Anthony Meyer   
Anthony has been with Hannah Nicole for a long time and knows every screw in the winery. With decades of experience in the F&B Industry Anthony balances our team and respects the detail.

Winemaker & Boss  Julian D. Erggelet   
After spending most of his life in Europe a passion for wine and good food brought Julian to California. He loves a good ride on the tractor, strong coffee and loud classical music in the early morning.

Winemaking Consultant  Aaron Pott   
Aaron is an excellent winemaker and profound viticulturist that knows how to capture real taste and authentic wines. He has established himself as one of the leading Winemaking Consultants in the US and is a great addition to our team.

Viticulture Consultant  John Derr   
John Derr has been farming great vineyards around California for the last 20 years and has seen it all.

Machines and Vineyard  KG Vineyard Management
Ben Kolber and KG Vineyard Management have established themselves as prime service partner for the Lodi Area. We coordinate our farming needs closely and rely on KG for professional and fast execution.